BULKCITE is a tool for automatically generating MLA 8 citations from website urls. Paste a list of URLS in the text area below (You can even paste a chunk of notes with URLs sprinkled throughout it -- I'll still be able to detect them), and hit the submit button. BULKCITE was designed to require minimal user interaction , to save you from that stressful moment of having a long list of uncited sources for an assignment due next period. If you require a more manual approach to biliography, check out Cite This For Me

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

The Date Accessed field will be chosen at random between these two dates, to make the citations look more realistics


You can use the form below to alphabetise a list of MLA citations. This is useful for merging together bibliographies. IMPORTANT You must have one citations on each line. It is also possible to skip multiple lines between each citation.



BULKCITE does not use cookies, javascript, iframes, or any similar technology capable of tracking your activity. BULKCITE does store all citations it creates, along with logs describing how they were created. This information is used soley to improve BULKCITE, and is therefore stored anonymously.

Known Issues



URI /plain/alfa
URL parameter citations List of unalphabetised citations
Output Same citations, but alphabetised


URI /plain/cite
URL parameter urls List of urls to cite
URL parameter date_min Minimum possible date for randomly-picked access date
URL parameter date_max Maximum possible date for randomly-picked access date
URL parameter just_details setting this parameter makes the API return a Python dictionary with the details required for citations.
URL parameter nohtml setting this parameter will get rid of all html formatting in the citations
Output Either a Pyhon dictionary of details extracted from each web page, (play around with it, you'll figure out the format!) or a list of MLA-8 citations, depending on whether just_details is set. In the latter case, the citations are separated by newlines, and themselves may be formatted using html, if nohtml is not set.

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BULKCITE relies on the following libraries:

Also Big Thancc to Atakan for the server